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More than 50 lawyers work for Agora International Human Rights Group
Pavel Chikov
The head of Agora International Human Rights Group, PhD, MPA, LLM
Natasha Dobreva
Lawyer, Sofia (Bulgaria)
Damir Gainutdinov
Damir Gainutdinov
Lawyer, Moscow
Irina Khrunova
Lawyer, Moscow - Kazan
Ramil Akhmetgaliev
Lawyer, Kazan
Svetlana Sidorkina
Svetlana Sidorkina
Lawyer, Moscow
Dmitry Dinze
Andrey Sabinin
Lawyer, Stavropol
Rushana Kamalova
Rushana Kamalova
Lawyer, Kazan
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Pavel Chikov: The authorities are now at a loss about how to keep the law enforcers busy. Unfortunately, any answer to this question is bad news 14.06.2019 Pavel Chikov has a foreboding that a new reality will set in. The head of the Agora International Human Rights Group spells out the dilemma facing the Russian government: to downsize the huge enforcement apparatus, which is idled by the lack of tangible threats to the regime, or to build a new enemy image ("MediaZona").

Report of Agora International ‘Russian Whistleblowers 2018’ 22.01.2019 Agora International Human Rights Group presents report ‘Russian Whistleblowers 2018’.

Report of 'Apologia of Protest' 'Political violence as a norm. No right of opinion' 09.10.2018 The legal service “Apologia of Protest” presents report 'Political violence as a norm. No right of opinion'.

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