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Andrey Sabinin

Lawyer, Stavropol

Andrey Sabinin

In 1998 he graduated from Moscow State Social University with a red diploma in the specialty "Jurisprudence". He is a lawyer of the Аgora International. He specializes in cases in Crimea and the North Caucasus. In particular, he defends journalists Nikolai Semena and Aleksei Nazimov, deputy of the City Council of Alushta Pavel Stepanchenko, human rights activist Emir-Usain Kuku (Crimea) together with his colleagues, and also represents the interests of the victims of the attack on the bus of human rights defenders, Russian and foreign journalists in Ingushetia.

He got exemption from the detention center, and later the justification of Lyudmila Bogatenkova, chairman of the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers “Mother of Prikumya”. In court, he secured the termination of the criminal case of atheist Viktor Krasnov about "insulting the feelings of believers", who was tried for the assertion that there is no god.

In Krasnodar, he led a civil activist Darya Polyudova's case with the "March for the federalization of Kuban". He defends an ecologist Valery Brinich in the case of extremism for the article "Silence of the Lambs".


Andrei Sabinin: “You have to immerse yourself in the lives of strangers” (openDemocracy, 27 October 2017).



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