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Dmitry Dinze


Dmitry Dinze

In 1998 Dmitry Dinze graduated with a red diploma from the St. Petersburg Institute of Law of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, majoring in "Jurisprudence" in the rank of lieutenant of justice. He worked in the investigative department of the Admiraltey district's police department as an assistant to the police investigator and assistant to the head of the personnel department. Then 2 years he worked as an investigator in the prosecutor's office of the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg.

He resigned from law enforcement bodies at his own request because of disagreement with the policy of the leadership. In September 1, 2000 he received the status of a lawyer. In 2011 in The Hague, he was awarded with the prize in the prestigious international competition of projects related to the protection of citizens' rights and freedoms, - "Innovating Justice".

He specializes in defense in criminal cases. He got the justification of the anti-fascist Alexei Gaskarov, who was accused of attacking the administration of the city of Khimki, and the termination of the criminal case against activists of the art group "Voina".

Linguistic, physiognomic and other examinations, which are often neglected by other lawyers, have become the trademark of lawyer Dmitry Dinze.

A lawyer of Agora International. He represents the interests of the director Oleg Sentsov and a number of other Ukrainian activists, in particular, Yevgeny Panov, Vladimir Balukh, the figurant of the "Bolotniy case" Ivan Nepomnyashchikh, the artist Pyotr Pavlensky, the ex-policeman Peter Stakhovtsev, sentenced to life imprisonment, the bard Boris Yakovlev, accused of extremism.



Report of AGORA International Internet Freedom 2016: On a War Footing 20.02.2017 This report overviews the restrictions on Internet freedom in Russia and was compiled on the basis of regular monitoring of the situation conducted in 2016.

INCLO. Report 'Surveillance and Democracy' 31.10.2016 INCLO presents annual report 'Surveillance and Democracy: Chilling tales from around the world'

Agora presents annual report 'Internet Freedom 2015: Triumph of Censorship' 16.03.2016 The present report, which sets out an overview of the restrictions imposed on freedom of Internet in Russia, has been compiled on the basis of the ongoing monitoring of the events and developments that occurred during 2015. It comprises two main sections – the first containing the author’s appraisal of the freedom of Internet and the second – a description of the results of the monitoring along with certain telling examples.

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