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Irina Khrunova

Lawyer, Moscow - Kazan

Irina Khrunova

Co-founder and partner at the law firm Akhmedgaliev, Khrunova & Partners

The attorney Irina Khrunova specialises in legal representation before the European Court of Human Rights. To date, she has obtained five positive judgments from the ECHR and is currently representing clients in more than 60 lawsuits, including 20 cases brought before the court on behalf of NGOs accused of acting as foreign agents, the Pussy Riot case, the defendants in the so-called Swamp case, the victim of a shooting Alexander Belov-Potkin, Major Denis Evsyukov, Taisia Osipova, Vadim Korovin, Vladimir Topehin who became paralysed in prison and the Case of the German flag appearing on the garage building of the Federal Security Service (FSB).

Irina Khrunova has earlier achieved termination of the criminal proceedings against the editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta in Samara, Sergey Kurt-Adjiev, the blogger Dmitri Solovyov, and the head of the online library Antikompromat, Vladimir Pribilovski. She defended in court the journalist Arkady Babchenko in a lawsuit against Channel One and won the case seeking the release from prison of Pussy Riot member Ekaterina Samutsevich.

She handled litigation in the case concerning the sale into slavery of Corporal Rudenko by the commanding officer of his unit (Chita Province) and represented the journalist Mikhail Afanasiev whose website the Abakan Court (Khakassia Province) was trying to confiscate, the opposition businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky and the Togliatti Mayor Nikolay Utkin.

In court she defended the interests of the Russian research Centre for Human Rights and the Association of Soldiers’ Mothers Committees during the attempts of government authorities to disband the two organisations.


Irina Khrunova holds a degree from the Law Faculty of the Kazan State University. She began practising law in 1998 after registering as a lawyer with the Tatarstan Bar Association. She teaches at the Department of Criminal law and procedure of the Management University TISBI.

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