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Natasha Dobreva

Lawyer, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Natasha Dobreva

Natasha Dobreva is a human rights lawyer. She holds a degree from Lund University in International Human Rights Law and she is a member of the Sofia Bar Association. She is a former student and currently a trainer at the Women’ s Human Rights Training Institute founded by the Center for Reproductive Rights. Natasha Dobreva is a founder and principal of law office "Dobreva&Bekirska" specialized in International Human Rights Law, based in Sofia. Her practice is dedicated to strategic litigation before the European Court of Human Rights. She wrote more than 70 applications to the ECtHR, successfully requested interim measures in 2 cases and won 11 cases. She works on cases against Bulgaria, Macedonia and Russia. 

Mrs Dobreva is one of the founders of the Bulgarian network of pro bono lawyers for victims of human trafficking. She had provided legal aid to trafficked women in different court proceedings before the national courts. Her successful national cases include a family reunion between a trafficking survival and her daughter and an award of compensation to exploited woman for the damages caused by her trafficker. She also won a landmark case before the European Court of Human Rights regarding ineffective investigation of human trafficking – S.Z. v. Bulgaria (no. 29263/12).  

Mrs Dobreva litigates gender reassignment cases. She represented the first adult intersex person in Bulgaria in the court proceedings for legal recognition of his preferred gender. She also represents the applicant in Y.T. v. Bulgaria (no. 41701/16), a pending case before the ECtHR on the right of a transgender person to respect for private life. In this case the ECtHR allowed intervention by three non-governmental organizations including “Transgender Europe”.

Mrs Dobreva writes articles for national media such as “Legal World”, “De Fakto” and “Attorney Review”. Her latest article is on the history of legal regulation of abortion on demand in Bulgaria.

Mrs Dobreva was nominated for a member of the Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA). She has been identified as "person[s] of high moral character, known for their recognised competence in the fields of human rights, assistance and protection of victims and action against trafficking in human beings". The election to fill the vacant seats will be held at the 23rd meeting of the Committee of the Parties of the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings on 9 November 2018 in Strasbourg.

You can write to lawyer Natasha Dobreva via email: ihrlbg@gmail.com.



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