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Natasha Dobreva

Lawyer, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Natasha Dobreva

Natasha Dobreva is a human rights lawyer. In 2013, together with the Animus Association Foundation (Bulgaria) she initiated the establishment of a Bulgarian network of lawyers to represent pro bono trafficked persons seeking compensation and remedies. Ms Dobreva graduated the Women’ s Human Rights Training Institute (2007-2009). The Institute provides education and training for lawyers from Eastern Europe aimed at acquiring knowledge and litigation skills on the issues of violence against women, reproductive rights and employment discrimination. After graduation, Ms Dobreva became a trainer at the Institute, specializing in anti-trafficking issues, and a facilitator in moot court sessions (ECtHR and CEDAW).

Ms. Dobreva has a 10-years experience in the field of international human rights law. Her work as an attorney includes representation of victims of human rights violations before international tribunals - European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg), UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (Geneva). She writes applications against the Governments of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Russia. Notable cases: S.Z. v. Bulgaria (ECtHR); Myumyun v. Bulgaria (ECtHR). In 2016 Ms. Dobreva founded a specialized law office on international human rights law - Law Office "Dobreva&Zamtikov" based in Bulgaria. On national level, Ms Dobreva is specializing in compensation for damages caused by the State; medical negligence; gender reassignment;compensation for damages caused by crime perpetrators (homicide, rape, ill-treatment, human trafficking).



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