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Pavel Chikov

The head of Agora International Human Rights Group, PhD, MPA, LLM

Pavel Chikov

Since 1999 Chikov has been a chief human rights lawyer and a leader of a number of Russian human rights organizations in Moscow and Kazan (Russia). In 2001 he was an initiator and first chairperson of the Kazan Human Rights Center till 2004, then moved to the Open Russia NGO in Moscow.

In 2005 Chikov initiated a creation of the AGORA Association – a union of currently seven local groups of human rights lawyers in Russia. Chikov worked out a model of a local human rights group, effectively using advocacy and litigation in topics of police abuse, military arbitrariness, medical negligence and brutality against prisoners. He has published 15 books and more than 50 articles on various aspects of human rights in Russia, pressure on human rights activists, police brutality and corruption, compensations for victims of human rights abuse, and the Russian law enforcement system. Within the AGORA Association in 2005-2014 Chikov initiated punishment of more than 300 government officials for human rights abuses, including more than 100 policepersons convicted for tortures, illegal arrests and corruption.

Since 2015 Pavel Chikov is the head of The International Human Rights Group Agora.



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