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Report of Agora International ‘The hundred Russian whistleblowers’

Agora International presents report ‘The hundred Russian whistleblowers’.

Report of Agora International ‘The hundred Russian whistleblowers’
Report of Agora International ‘The hundred Russian whistleblowers’

Since 1995 we have detected not less than 100 cases, in which different violations and abuses have been revealed – information, which in our opinion is undoubtedly of public interest. Furthermore, it shall be noted that these are only cases of internal whistleblowing, when the revealed information becomes known to a person in the framework of his official, employment, contractual or other formal relations with an organization or a state authority. The number of cases of external whistleblowing, which are not only at federal, but also at regional and local level may not be calculated even in rough figures.

Exactly half of the cases of whistleblowing (50 of 100) covered by our monitoring are in the field of internal affairs, medicine and health protection. It shall be pointed out that the rapid growing of activities in separate fields may be caused by some external events, when one case of whistleblowing encourages large number of people to raise questions, which were out of public interest at an earlier stage.

For example, the Olympic Games in Sochi and the subsequent doping scandal obviously pushed some athletes and sports officials to start to talk about the existence of a state doping program.

Russian authorities not only do not encourage the revealing of significant information, but also impede such revealing in any way possible, by permanent extension of the scope of information, covered by statutory requirements for confidentiality, use of different semi-legal categories of secrecy and introduction of additional limitations for communication between separate categories of individuals (for example military servants) and the media and for publications in the internet. As a rule the whistleblowers may not count on serious attention and investigation of violations, which they reveal and in addition very often they are subjected to retaliation – from imposing of disciplinary sanctions, including dismissal to prosecution, attacks and murders.

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Report of Agora International ‘The hundred Russian whistleblowers’ 21.11.2017 Agora International presents report ‘The hundred Russian whistleblowers’.

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